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  • Japanese mini?

    So I'm new to the mini world and am learning as I go. I called Pasadena Motors today in CA to inquire about a mini they had and the owner gave me some details on the car I was interested in and then started to tell me all about the Japanese minis he can import "legally". Now I know enough to realize it is not uncommon for people to rebrand a title with an older car.

    What can people tell me about these Japanese imports? He touted fuel injection, AC, and a few other conveniences. Honestly I'd love an original 60's mini but finding one in the condition I want for the price I want isn't likely.

    Also, what is the concensus on this rebranding? It is just unspoken and I broke a rule already?

    I'm also talking to a guy in TX about and early 70's mini but his price is a bit high given the condition.


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    Hi Todd, there's a few of us that have Japanese Mini's. As for the 'rebranded' title, I didn't get into all that with the seller.

    If you make it to the ABFM I'll be there with my car which is Fuel Injected, has AC, Automatic Trans and RH drive.



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      You sort of answered your question, it is more than likely a revinned '90's Mini, I am no expert but most Mini's that hit the Japanese market stay there. That being said it probably is an English market car which has been cleaned up and been imported from who can tell where. It would be a "gray market" vehicle which could cause legal and or insurance headaches down the line.
      While revinning has been a common practice it can be a rather dicey matter, some "purists" pretty much don't recognize the car. While others couldn't care less it is a Mini enjoy it.
      To answer your question, no you haven't crossed the line yet, now if you want some one to tell you how to import such a vehicle, that would be over the line.
      Our club has a few such cars.


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        It's actually more curiousity than anything else. I'm seeing more and more ads for them and just wanted to know more. Thank you all for the response.