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Headed to the ABFM with three goals

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  • Headed to the ABFM with three goals

    #1 - See lots of beautiful cars (I plan to oggle the clubs quite a bit, sorry about the drool).

    #2 - Beg for the opportunity to sit in a mini to ensure I Fit (6'4" and, well... I'm not gangly, let's just say that). Many years ago I had the chance to sit in one but I need to seriously look at if it's a real option for me. I have wanted one since I was about ten so my hopes are high.

    #3 - Hope that some sole is looking to part with his/her mini so I can make it my very own.

    If I can't find something local some day I'll fly and ship or cross my fingers and ship but I'd really like to see the car first. One that has caught my eye is at Pasadena Motors (the old English white with tan interior).


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    Todd, perhaps I can help with point 2. It depends on where your butt is. I'm 6'-2 and fit quite well in a '63 with the seat modified back about 2". If you are a low butt like me, longer torso than legs, you'll do fine. If you're all legs then more more modification may be required, but it's worth it! I can't make B-vue but other SAMOANs will be glad to give you a test fit. Good Luck, Don


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      Thanks Don. I'm pretty equally split between the torso and legs. I used to drive a 1968 *** (curious why B M W doesn't show up) 2002 which wasn't the best fit (although I never did move the seat) however it was worth it.



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        I normally don't talk to strangers about my butt like some SAMOA members do, but I'll be at the ABFM with Graham, my '62 Cooper which a 6'7" friend drove the other day with not too much trouble. You'll be welcome to a test fit, Todd.

        1972 Austin 1300GT - Mean Mr. Mustard
        1963 Riley Elf MkII - Baba O


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          One of my friends sons is 6' 7"+ he was able to get behind the wheel with a little wriggling, as is he wouldn't have been able to drive it. Maybe with some seat modification or a pair of extenders.

          Does anyone remember the picture of Wilt Chamberlain sitting behind the wheel of a Mini from the back seat and his head sticking out of the sunroof? Thus proving any tall person who really wants to drive a Mini can as long as they have enough imagination and determination to do so.


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            did you get clarification to all your points?
            Bother free is the way to be- Winnie the Pooh