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    this topic has probally come up a hundred times so i appoligize

    im looking for some web sites for parts for a mini.
    i know of min mania but are there any other good quality ones?

    leon c

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    Seven Enterprises:
    - carry just about everything at great prices, known as one of the top engine builders in the USA, have a full-service Mini garage (they're not just a parts warehouse), and offer top-notch customer service.

    Heritage Garage:
    - a very knowledgeable and full-service Mini garage that carries (or can order) just about everything at near unbeatable prices, builds quality engines, and like Seven Enterprises has the best customer service in the business. You have to call Heritage to get prices and order.

    Great British Car Parts:
    - great prices, and I hear they are good to work with, but I've never dealt with them personally.


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      Oh, and in case you haven't heard, you can get 10% off at Mini Mania if you are a current SAMOA member!


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        how does one become a member?


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          Contact Membership Chairman, Ed Sauer.

          miniedsauer at aol dot com
          The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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            i looked, but i could only seem to find one of the mini dealers that had the ball joint separator that used the bolt (non-pickle fork type)

            any ideas?
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              Seven, Heritage Garage and Mini Mania have the splitter you're looking for.


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                Dave, I'll let you borrow Kelley's.

                Or mine. I think I got mine at NAPA.



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                  The one Don has is really the perfect size for a Mini. I ended up buying one from Heritage Garage a few months ago because I was using Don's so often, but it's quite a bit bigger and not as easy to fit. Still works fine, just seems to take a bit more effort to get in place. So you might as well get it at NAPA if you're going to buy one. Probably cheapest there too. Wish I woulda known they stocked them! If you'd rather borrow, mine is available as well.