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Speaking of crashing the party

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  • Speaking of crashing the party

    Hey Rodney,

    What's with this david443ffor guy?

    and "Patricia" who sent me a lovely pm nothing whatsoever to do with Minis?

    Or are we supposed to just ignore them and maybe they'll go away?

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    1963 Riley Elf MkII - Baba O

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    Ditto, there must be some way of keeping the spammers off here. The "Lovely Patricia" had a nice little surprise waiting for me in my inbox as did probably everyone else. I opened it without thinking, then realized how stupid that almost was.

    It would only be too easy for one of these wonderful "Mini Lovers" to hide some nasty little virus (or is that viri) in our in boxes. I think we have only been lucky so far. (No it isn't viri, maybe it's virises, viruses it is my spell check likes that one.)

    The other forums that I participate in never have any spam on them, either that or the moderator zaps them off the board before anyone sees them. I would hate to have a moderator sitting on the board all the time, I like it the way it is now active moderators can be a pain.
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