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Is it just me or...?

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  • Is it just me or...?

    I don't think it is just coincidence but since petrol has reached $4.00+ per gallon I've been receiving many more "cudos" while driving a Mini than ever before. People waving, cheering, thumbs-up, looking at the Mini while it is parked, asking questions about the Mini...

    Has anyone else experienced the same phenomenon?

    As a relality check, most of the the SUVs on the road still act like [email protected] around a Mini!
    Mark Gnagy

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    I think it's happening to all of us. Three years ago the fist thing people would ask is " how fast will it go?" no thinking that the car was capible of free way speeds. one cares how fast it is, they just want to know what it gets for milage, then they look disapointed when I say about 30, for some reason they think that that small of a car should get 60 or 70 MPG......Some people just can't be pleased.
    "remember, in this country, they drive on the wrong side of the road"
    ‘64 Austin Countryman-???
    '60's Austin mini truck - the chicken truck
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      James... You mean to tell your mini dosen't get 60 to 70 mpg? Mine does when ever anyone ask!



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        My, My, Tim, what a happy avatar. Don


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          I noticed an odd suburban/urban thang this last weekend.
          Up around Smokey Point/ Marysville/ Seven Lakes drivers didn't want to make eye contact (important in a Mini). We were just another econo/70 mpg/ car.
          A short drive about Seattle nets a half a dozen smiles and or thumbs up( important in a Mini). Don


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            My response to the question

            I have had that question a few times - "How many miles does that thing get?".

            My response is always " I really don't know, I filled it a few years ago and havn't filled it since"! a few moments after the quizical look they give me, I tell them "about 35 miles per gallon".