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Mini at SOVREN's Spring Sprints

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  • Mini at SOVREN's Spring Sprints

    Last weekend, SOVREN held its Spring Sprints meet for vintage racers at Pacific Raceways. Participation was encouraging; a lot of racers turned out for the event.

    One of those racers was A.J. Johnston from Puyallup. This is his second year driving the ex-Joe Stone '69 Cooper in SOVREN's Group 1, and A.J. did a great job of representing the marque. In the five Group 1 races held, A.J. finished 4th, 7th, 13th, 13th and 15th (competition -- from a lot of W-A-A-AY more aerodynamic cars -- apparently got tighter as the meet progressed). With the help of a few SAMOA mentors along the way, A.J.'s car has been consistently strong, and it's fun to see him having fun out on the course.

    Ken Butler, of Sooke, B.C., was also there running his '67 Morris Mini. Ken is relatively new to the sport, and for some reason didn't appear in SOVREN's Sprints results (maybe he isn't a SOVREN member), but it was great to see a second Mini battling through the weekend.

    Good work, guys!

    (Sorry I don't have any photos from the meet. I seem to have lost my magical abilities to post pictures.)

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    I do believe AJ's car spent some time with both Aaron Anderson and Chris Benny (Prova) before the season.


    Bigshot not being able to post pictures makes me blink back tears.