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New owner of the towing auction Mini is....

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  • New owner of the towing auction Mini is....

    The club members to show up at the towing auction today and show interest in the Very damaged Mini, were Jeff and Mark and Myself, but the guy who threw the Most $100.00 bills at the car to become it's owner was a guy named Dan who works at Budget Auto Wrecking just two or three doors down. I don't believe he's in the club but said he owns one of Clint Crains Ex Cars and needed a parts car, which is pretty much what he got, What did it finally go for??? $700.00!! Jeff definitly wanted it as a rolling restoration, but This Dan guy probably would have went as far as $1,000 without heistation. What did he get for his $700.00?? Well probably not a lot. The wheels were cool, Two good tires, we figured the car to be actually and 82 or 83 and Not a 74 as it said on the list. Looked to be a 998cc with a Verto Clutch, so had to be in that vintage. Some New clutch parts in a Craigs Automotive bag in the back seat, but really this was more of a parts car than a restoration project unless you were really ambitious

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    Thanks for following up on that, Todd. I was curious about what would happen at that kind of auction.


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