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I-5 Way South Mini Sighting, Dupont

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  • I-5 Way South Mini Sighting, Dupont

    Noticed a SAMOA Mini in my work zone heading north Mounts Road, DuPont vicinity around noon Tuesday. I assume it was a straggler from the Portland ABFM.

    Red Mk I; appeared to be Santa and his girlfriend heading north!! (She was much too young looking and skinny for Mrs. Claus!!) If it was you I was the guy in the WSDOT Hard Hat & Vest waving at you and yelling SAMOA? You had your Mini Driving Grin On!! (Probably also too terrorized to slide the window open!!) Then I saw your SAMOA sticker just as traffic lurched ahead. Surprised that was the only Mini or Brit car heading north today.

    Been working on that project off and on (when not on nights that is) for a few months now. That job is a pain, traffic is close enough that when drivers holler at you it isn't a compliment!!