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  • Looking for your help SAMOA

    I am interested in purchasing a classic mini, and would appreciate any information on getting a good one. Please help me resources to get my mini education......Thanks all

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    Hello and welcome Nowell,
    Your best bet is to come to a few meetings while Miniless to get a feel for all the different versions the Mini came in during it's run. Get your questions answered before buying for the best result. Don


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      The meet at the meetings idea is not a bad one; especially, the next three meetings. They all are Saturday meetings and tend to draw a little bigger crowd and a bigger variety of cars. And you should have no trouble finding people there willing to "talk shop"!
      The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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        Welcome! I would also recommend you spend some time on the Mini Mania Web page reading the Articles section. Especially focus on the how to I.D. your Mini. Then, take careful note of the cars for sale section and see the californian dealers/consigners. For nearby web resources other than right here, see also They are a great club too.
        Some calif sites are, Heritage garage, and you could always check out

        Depending on how much data you want, consider buying some of the Mini books that are available on the Mini Mania site. ( And amazon, of course. )

        To help us get a better idea of what you think you'd like, tell us what you want to do with the car. Do you want an everyday driver?, a garage queen?, a trailer queen that wins shows?, or do you want a racer?
        And a major question here: Do you want to do your own work on the car?

        We'll look forward to seeing you here and at the Mini Club Meetings!
        Best regards,
        All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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