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    Hello again. I recently purchased Shane's bundle of Moke parts and wanted to get the title switched to my name. The DOL does not have a 66 Moke in their books and thinks it is a ploy to scam them on the value of a Aston Martin, in which to pay the sales tax. So, I am hoping someone in the club with the vast power of office, could get me a written appraisal on some type of official letterhead and let me get started on this long journey to get the Moke on the road. Any help? There could be a pint in it for a willing or oil.

    Dave Rubie

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    I dug out mine and it is set up as a 1967 Austin MIN2D...and has been that way for decades. Bet they can't find that in their records anymore either!
    The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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      There is a form the seller can fill out about the condition of the car. With that and a bill of sale you should be able to get it registered. You may want to try a different office.


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        Dave, Did you go to the Kitsap County Courthouse in Port Orchard or to one of the local DOL offices / vendors? The Courthouse wasn't much more knowledgeable than you described, but they were able to make some phone calls and get my title transferred for me. That was 2001 though, they did think they were issuing a title for a New MINI not a Mini. Like others have said in other titling issue threads, they just kept going to a different DOL office until they found someone who could or would work with them. Good luck on getting titled, it isn't impossible, but the way the state has changed things for vintage vehicles is impossibly stupid!