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    I've been a$$ over elbows installing a small (Mini) soaking tub over this wonderfull holiday weekend. The power requirements call for two 120V, 20A, GFCI circuits. No problem. I need to find a home for the #8 equipment grounding conductor tied to the frame of the pump and heater.
    My inclination is to bond that puppy to the 3/4" cold water pipe that I KNOW is tied to my service panel ground and to a pair of ground rods and to the incoming water supply copper pipe.
    Do I need to bring that equipment grounding conductor from the tub all the way back to my service panel for some reason?
    Working on Minis is way more fun.

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    that should work. i have a lot of stuff grounded to my water lines and ground rods the same way.
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      Hey Don,
      I agree with Dave, but with a caveot ( sp? ). I think the latest codes differentiate between the way you've described ( grounding early at a known ground ) and the way you've mentioned of home running to the panel and it's ground rod. It may also have a difference if you are using GFCI RECEPTICLES or a GFCI Breaker.
      But, by now, you are probably finished with the project and soaking in it!
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        My 20 year-old NEC says specifically that they don't require the ground to be run to the service panel. I take this to mean that you can but don't have to. So I would think a good cold water pipe ground should work.


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          Thanks guys, I'll be using GFCI breakers for a cleaner installation and for protection of the entire circuit. Don