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January Info - LBC World and MM sale Code

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  • January Info - LBC World and MM sale Code

    First, if you shop MiniMania, the January code for 10 per cent off is 10January at checkout.

    Next, please see a cool article "Supercharge your car club" out of this months "Moss Motoring" magazine. We are, as a club, doing / have done many of these cool things, and that made me glad to see the volunteerism in our club has allowed for that. Perhaps, after having read the article, you can offer up some other ideas or variants of them?
    There is some sort of problem I can't figure out about size limitations. I'm under the required sizing it has listed, but it still won't upload, so please read it under the club section of the Moss motoring magazine, which is linked in the left hand margin of Moss motors dot com. ( Google it! )
    Happy Reading, and Happy January!
    Best regards,
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