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New, high quality flywheel puller - KAD

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  • New, high quality flywheel puller - KAD

    Hi, This is the beginning of a post which has been relocated here to Chat from the SAMOA members section by request of President Brian. ( since many may not log in to view “club member only discussions”. So, I’ve posted the discussion thus far and entered the “post order” as a number at the upper Left Hand of each post. Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for your inputs. )

    New, high quality flywheel puller - KAD
    Hi, I want to start a discussion with club members who could consider an expenditure of club funds to purchase a new flywheel puller for our tools library.

    The KAD puller, a very nice unit, is currently on sale ( 200 instead of 240 ) through Seven Enterprises. See for the current sale flyer to look for:
    KAD, STL0070

    This is a pro grade, purpose built unit which allows for the use of Air tools if necessary, to speed the process.

    Please consider this carefully as our current library tool is not as stout, and can be a challenge to use with success.

    Thanks for reading, and,
    Best regards,

    Ordered directly from KAD the cost including shipping is about $162.50.
    Is our current puller still in usable condition and does it do the job?
    Thanks for the replies! The two comments I have about them are:
    No, the existing tool is not as good as this new, heavy duty style. In a pinch, a very experienced mini owner with mechanical abilities could make it work. However, since our tool library is a benefit for SAMOA members, we might do better than the old unit.
    As far as price, I think our club can afford the 38 ish dollars to support a good vendor like Seven Ent.
    All Together Now..... Everybody.......

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    Although I personally may not need to use this puller it seems like a good addition to the library.

    If memory serves (less often these days) Gene Lane spoke of offering the club a hydraulic puller "in need of repair". Did this ever happen?