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  • Re-VINs

    Has anyone ever had any trouble with a re-VIN car -- you know, a 91 here on a 72 title, that kind of thing. It seems to be a pretty prevalent practice, so I'm wondering if anyone knows a situation where it's come back and bitten the owner on the ass. Thanks.

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    I've been guilty of re-VINing myself especially back before Candian Minis were old enough to be legally brought in to the country and so far nothing has come back to me, and I did it several times


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      As long as you are talking re-vins that are already here, not future re-vins or how to do it. Then you should get some honest answers.

      If you are fishing for how to go about the process then this thread should yanked off the board just as quickly as it appeared.

      Openly talking about owning a re-vin can be a dangerous thing for other owners of said cars. This is not a Mini only issue, I am aware of several Trabants, Porsches and other exotics (no a Trabant is not exotic even though it has a composite (sawdust) body) here in this state. I am also aware of a doctor here in the area who spent lots and lots of dollars having a mid eighties Porsche federalized, almost losing it in the process, (he had to be the first one in his club to have one).

      There are two classes of people who own re-vins. Those who went into the purchase knowing that they were buying a newer vehicle that the title said it was. The second are sucked in by unscrupulous sellers (read that in many cases dealers) Flea Bay included, purchasing a vehicle then discovering the fact it is much newer than ever believed. The second type are usually not very talkative about their buying experience, who wants to talk openly about being gypped! With imported cars it is an easy thing to be taken unless you do your home work ahead of time. Many times it is the purchasers first (fill in the blank) imported vehicle, it is a very easy thing to be taken for a ride on. Even if they have owned or collected different types of cars than they are having imported for them by their dealer. i.e. Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Vee Dubs, Motorcycles...

      A few of the cars that I am aware of are a mixture of several years worth of parts thrown together to be a whatever year car. Like a mid 90's gearbox, 90 something short block and whatever late head tossed into a late body. For the purchaser of this car this is almost bigger trouble than they can get into with whatever agency. They have little idea of what year to order for when buying parts.

      The second probably worst area which trouble could loom for the owner of this car is with their insurance company should the vehicle become involved in an accident. Your insurance could be voided on the spot, especially if you bought collector car insurance.

      The Fed and State Agencies could come into play, especially if they were to deem it a huge problem, you paid taxes on a 25 year old or older vehicle, if it is newer they want more $$$. They are not going to look lightly on this since you made them look stupid in the first place!