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  • Looking for a little help

    Hey All,

    This is my first time posting on the forum so if I'm not in the right spot for this topic please let me know!

    So here goes. As some or all of you may already know I purchased the British Open Classic from Kim last January. It has been great! I love it but I due to work, lack of a garage, and procrastination I have not been spending as much time on restoration as I have wanted this past year. But, it is a new year and I have a goal of driving to the Mini Meet in San Diego in June!

    So, I am in need of some guidance and help on getting some work done on it in preparation for my road trip to Southern Cal.

    I am not certain exactly what I will need to look for in terms of making sure it is road ready for that length of drive. I do have some basic automotive know-how and would like to also use this as a further learning experience.

    Please let me know if you can help, offer advice, etc. I will gladly compensate anyone who is willing and able to help.

    Just give me a shout.


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    Chuck has a part time business of working on Mini's. He can show you everything you need to know, he is a great resource.

    We also have Doug Bingham who enjoys working on Mini's and a few others.

    No problem in getting you road ready for the event.


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      Groovy, what's the best way to get in touch with Chuck?


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        [email protected]


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