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Wintrop Fire relief run Oct. 3 rd.

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  • Wintrop Fire relief run Oct. 3 rd.

    Does anybody knows about the drive,
    see above. for European Cars. I might go.
    overnight or ?


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    BPCDubs Presents ยป Firefighter relief cruise to Winthrop - Oct 3rd, 2015

    Where: Cruise to Winthrop from Lynnwood via Hwy 530/20

    When: Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 at 09:00 am.

    Why: To enjoy a cruise with fellow European car enthusiasts and to support the volunteer firefighters who battled the wildfires in the Methow Valley.

    Who: All European car enthusiasts

    This summer, Washington state was hit with the largest wildfire in state history. It burnt over 900,000 acres of land, destroyed over 200 homes, and was blamed for 3 deaths of the firefighters battling this catastrophe and injuring 4 others. On August 21, 2015 President Barack Obama declared the fires a federal emergency.

    A large portion of the firefighters in the region work on a volunteer basis, and worked tirelessly around the clock trying to keep the damage to a minimum and keep people safe. Some of these courageous firefighters have paid the ultimate sacrifice. BPCDubs would like to thank these volunteers for their hard work and dedication by raising some funds to replenish their reserves, while getting to enjoy the beauty that Highway 20 has to offer.

    If you haven't had the chance to drive Highway 20 before, it is absolutely fantastic. Twisty roads through the raw and rugged North Cascade mountain ranges give way to enormous alpine lakes before you end up in the Methow Valley. It’s a very scenic drive with amazing photo opportunities throughout the twisting roads. You don't want to miss the driving experience this road has to offer!

    Where to meet:

    Lynnwood Park & Ride
    164th St SW & Ash Way
    Lynnwood, WA 98087

    We will be meeting at the Park and Ride at 9:00 am. We will be at the Ash Way park and ride for around an hour to give people the time to show up, park, mingle and have the chance to donate to Okanogan County Fire District 6. Donations can be made in cash or check. Checks should be made to WINTHROP FIREFIGHTER ASSOCIATION.

    We will be meeting at this park and ride because it is convenient for people coming from either 405 or I5. We will have people available to help guide vehicles to the appropriate section of the Park & Ride to coordinate parking.


    1. Please have a full tank of gas upon arriving at the Lynnwood P&R.

    2. Please make sure you have used the restroom; we won't stop until we get to the town of Winthrop.

    3. Please bring a copy of the map and directions so that you are familiar with the route in case you are separated. We will also have printed directions at the event too. To make it easier on everyone, our group will also spread out throughout the cars to lead people to Winthrop.

    4. Please always feel free to ask questions.


    We are raising donations for Okanogan County Fire District 6. In the past few years, many members of BPC have gotten married, and the DJ of choice, Jeremiah Fosness is a volunteer for this department. He gives to his community without ever wanting anything in return, and spent significant time at the front lines of the fire. Because he is so close to our hearts, we would like to give back to him and the department as a whole.

    You can read all about the operations of this department at

    There are no planned group stops along the way since there are very few stopping points once we get off I-5 and onto Hwy 530/20.

    1:30 - 2:00pm: ** Stopping Point: Okanogan Fire District 6 **

    Meet at:

    Okanogan Fire District 6
    223 Englar Street
    Winthrop, WA 98862

    We will be meeting at the firehouse to meet the volunteers that we are supporting. This will be our stopping point and the official end of the cruise.


    Because of the length of the cruise, people may choose to stay the night. There are a variety of inns and hotels in and around Winthrop. There is also an RV park in town that allows camping, and Pearrygin Lake State Park is close by as well.

    The route that we have planned is approximately 170 miles each way from Lynnwood to Winthrop.

    Now that all of the fun informational stuff has been addressed, the serious stuff needs to be discussed.


    This is without a doubt our #1 concern.
    We all will be driving as a group, and as a group, we all represent the European car enthusiast community. No one is to do any burnouts, illegal lane changes, or any passing on the shoulder. Everyone needs to keep their speed under control and make sure that they are not following cars in front of them too closely, whether they are with our group or not. SAFETY is paramount; do not drive like an idiot! Please do not make us have to call the police on any vehicles that are not driving in a safe manner.

    Please make sure that you are allowing other vehicles that are not part of our cruise to merge onto the highway. You don’t need to worry about being separated from the rest of the group. It is extremely unsafe to do this and we are not in a race to get to our destination, it’s called a cruise for a reason. Drive respectfully, safely, and courteously to everyone around you.

    This thread will be modified as we make updates or clarifications.

    Stay tuned for more BPCDubs cruises and events in the future.

    We look forward to seeing you all there. Let's all get together to support these courageous volunteers and enjoy an amazing drive.


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      I've been mulling over "BPC" dubs longer than it took me to sign up for the hotel. We have a one night stay at the Winthrop Inn booked for Saturday night.

      The organizers plan on this being a nonstop trip... that ain't gonna happen in Old Paint but I'll shoot for the 1:30 meet up at the firehouse.

      Other than supporting the firefighters, patronizing the hotel and local restaurants seems like a good cause.



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        Sounds like a good trip. Other plans made weeks ago, however. Maybe next year.
        The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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          Looks like I too Will be staying home. Sigh.