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    Here's the information on the American Cancer Society program providing patients rides to appointments. Dan mentioned this at the last meeting.

    We are in serious need of volunteers for our Road To Recovery program. Our website about our program can be found on:

    Volunteer drivers in the Road to Recovery program help patients get to their lifesaving treatment they need. Volunteer drivers donate their time and resources to take patients to treatment appointments and return them to their homes. They also provide encouragement and support. We work with your schedule Monday-Friday. To become a volunteer driver for the American Cancer Society, all you need is:

    · Safe And Reliable Vehicle

    · Current Valid Driver’s License

    · Proof Of Automobile Insurance

    · Good Driving Record

    · Background check conducted on all volunteers!

    Last year we were only able to cover 79% of the rides that were requested and are hoping to get enough new volunteers to makes this 100%. We really need your help to get cancer patients to their treatment.

    For More information please contact Amy Dzisenu 425.404.2197 [email protected]

    Thank You!

    Amy Dzisenu | Program Manager, Mission Delivery

    Great West Division | American Cancer Society, Inc.

    One needn't fold the poor patient into a Mini. Your spouse's daily driver will do.