Most of you will have seen this discussion as part of the March 17th Mtg thread, but I wish to ensure that every person coming to the site sees this possible new club issue for consideration:

We have started a discussion regarding the club reimbursing costs for food at meetings.

Regarding the club supporting the funding of food at meetings, I'm all for it. We're a group that likes to eat, especially around dinner time.
I'll continue that discussion by offering up an idea of a max of 50 dollars of club reimbursement, if receipts are produced within 90 days of the meeting. (ie: Spend more if you wish - Caviar, champagne, ... But, if you have receipts for 25, you get reimbursed 25. Spend and have receipts for more than 50, you get 50. )

Please record your discussion here so we can have advance consideration prior to this being discussed live at a club meeting.