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Kudos to Group 2

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  • Kudos to Group 2

    Had MOKE into Group 2 yesterday to have the new suspension aligned and the autocross tires mounted and balanced. One thing lead to another and a routine job ended up taking 5 hours and we still didn't get the tires finished.
    There were the usual stops and starts as Chris was interrupted from time to time (the price for being very good at what he does), but the job took 5 hours because that's the time it needed to be done correctly. An OK job, getting it close, and out the door wasn't how the work was done. Getting it right in spite of the extra time was how Chris worked...or he wasn't letting MOKE out of the shop.
    That type of service is appreciated.
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    i'd love to be able to have a car that needed to be taken to group 2 for some work and a bit of the green to have it done.

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      Take any Mini, install adjustable front lower arms and adjustable rear radius arm brackets. Turn Chris loose in the morning and have a totally different car in the afternoon. A couple of corners at speed and you'll be a believer. Even passengers notice (that you're no longer sweating after a drive).
      All alignments at group 2 involve a test drive by the technician. They truly do enjoy it when a Mini shows up!
      So Dave, you've seen my driver, nothing exclusive about Group 2. Besides, you get to go to Ballard....allmost.


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        Hey Chuck,

        I get the same feeling from Chris and Mic and Joe (?)... great car enthusiasts all around. They spent a lot of time with me when I first dropped of my mini and mutually defined an action plan. My first classic mini is still in their shop waiting for parts to show up but I know it is in good hands