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  • Aussie Window Vent Rubber

    So anybody out there with an Aussie Mini who knows of a good place to go to find rubber for the door windows vents in an Aussie Mini with roll up windows? Mine are tired and could stand to be replaced.
    I see that Mini Mania is selling a kit (P/N MMKT0237) for both door vents. Looks like they're asking $250 on sale. Is this one of those items where you can get them somewhere else for way less? Or is this one of those where these are so rare and hard to find they should be snapped up at any price?
    Or something in between?
    I would seriously appreciate any ideas for sources of parts that might be unique to the Aussie Mini.
    Jerry C.
    Jerry C
    "You drive...I think there's something wrong with me"

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    Hi Jerry,
    I do know that it comes up on MM boards every once in a while. The problem is searching for the thread can be tiresome. I know what you mean about the sale price on MM. Ouch! I don't know pricing to know what kind of a deal that is.
    I do know that Whee ( Peter Kyte ) our man in Colorado, once spoke about finding these rubbers. He uses Whee on MM, so you can prob log in and send him a pm on his own email.

    Best of luck finding some - at a reasonable price.
    Best regards,
    All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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      Those window rubbers are horribly expensive. Ken at Mini auto in Australia had the best prices a few years ago when I looked.
      With shipping and everything, Mini Mania price doesnt' sound so bad.