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Importing an engine from England

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  • Importing an engine from England

    In my never-ending search for an engine, I am once again considering buying an engine from the UK. With that in mind, I called the local US Customs Import Specialist at the Port of Seattle to find out how much duty and taxes will cost me. I was told 2.5%. Not bad.

    BUT, what she also told me was that the engine had to meet EPA standards!! I'm currently sifting through EPA's website to find out what standards apply to a rebuilt Mini engine...we all know how much fun and user-friendly a government website can be.

    In the mean time, has anyone had experience importing an engine from England? Or any knowledge of how to do so?

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    Ask them again. I bet the answer is that it has to meet EPA standards for the year built or be over 20 years old.
    Explain it is a rebuilt engine for a car of the year XXXX.
    It should be no problem to import.
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      Thanks Chuck. I would agree. However, when I talked with the Customs official, I tried to explain to her that it was an engine for a 1972 vehicle, but she didn't seem to care. I have a feeling that she doesn't know the exact regulations that pertain to this situation.

      For those that enjoy a little rousing government document reading, I believe I've found the form that I would have to fill out: For the purposes of this form, I've found out that an engine falls under the same category as "motor vehicle." I imagine the engine would fall under "Code E", which states "Vehicle (or engine) at least 21 years old and in original unmodified configuration is either exempted or excluded from EPA emission requirements, depending on age. Vehicles at least 21 years old with replacement engines are not eligible for this exemption unless they contain equivalent or newer EPA certified engines. Customs may require proof of vehicle/engine age."

      I have left a voicemail at the EPA Import Hotline to get clarification on exactly how to go about all this.


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        just import the car, or the container with "autoparts". much easier. there have been other containers brought in with no difficulty (relatively speaking) at all. the members of the club acutally all brought in parts and pieces 3 years ago in one container that had non-running vehicles and parts.

        you can pm/email kelly mascher as he was a bit of a shaker and mover on that container (and probably still has wind screen surrounds if you need one!)
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