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    It's taken me quite a bit longer to get around to doing this than I'd promised to, but after much delay, here's some links for the tall tales of an '81 mini on the Mongol Rally adventure that I'd been talking about back at the club meeting in August. In a nutshell, it was a rally trip (though it no way a race) that I'd done with a few friends in the summer of 2008. The only requirements are to start in London, finish in Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, raise a bunch of money for a charity, go in a car with an engine of 1000cc or less and valued at about $1,000 or so. No help, no support, no set route, much adventure. We took a particularly circuitous route to Mongolia and were the last team to finish, at which point we had the option of leaving the car there (and having it get auctioned off for a local charity) or bringing it home. Naturally, I chose to bring it back home to Seattle.

    The Mongol Rally official site:

    The map, plotting the route of our [misguided?] adventure:

    a bunch of pictures from the trip:

    The blog that I'd kept up while traveling: It has kept going well past the Mongol Rally, so the relevant parts will be from about Jun '08 to January '09, starting here:

    I'd also put together a picture book from the trip, there's a digital version of it here:

    And finally, after much painstaking restoration work by Gunnar and Chuck here in Seattle, the car had been re-born, and we took it for a drive down the coast to San Diego and back over Memorial Day of this year, with a bunch more pictures (where she looks like a whole new car):