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  • Reluctantly Sold

    Well, folks, with much reluctance and melancholy, my run with my Mini has come to an end. It was most certainly amazing fun while it lasted, much thanks to the club camaraderie and events. But life takes more twists and turns than even a Mini, and the next few mile posts are better suited to a different car.

    It’s staying local, and it will be in the hands of a good friend of mine who I know will treat it well. His name is Rich, and no doubt you’ll meet him soon at one of the upcoming club events. And I don’t believe you’ve seen the last of me; I’ll be sure to stop by the SAMOA booth at a car show or two each year, and I’m quite sure another Mini will be in my future.

    Special thanks to…
    Dan B. for giving my wife and I a warm welcome to the club with an educational walkaround of the club’s Minis at the ’06 or ’07 Group 2 Meeting. You might not remember, Dan, but we do!

    Mark H. for pointing me to the 2007 Craigslist ad for the project Innocenti Mini I would days later call mine, and also pointing me to what turned out to be a fantastic engine I bought from Mike Spangler out of California.

    Don D. (and Marian!) for welcoming me to the club with much help on my Mini (converting to disc brakes, for one), many fine beers, and even generously providing my first (and second and third and probably fourth and fifth) drive behind the wheel in a Mini; I lost count. And, of course, for all the witty remarks. Thank you, Don. If I may, and if he hasn't won it already, I nominate Don for the Dick Penna Inspiration Award for how he welcomes new members like me into the club (see examples above) and inspires the youngest of attendees at car shows by letting them crawl all over his Minis.

    Chuck H. for the excellent work that brought my Mini back to life, impromptu mid-week lunches, and teaching me as much as can be taught about the car over my lunch break visits to his garage.

    Gunnar G. for his fine craftsmanship and attention to detail on my Mini, and many good conversations in his garage.

    Peter L. for sharing his Innocenti knowledge and resources, especially as all things Innocenti are hard to find.

    And Ed, Kelley, James, Ryan, Tim, George, and all the rest of you for fun drives, shared knowledge, tools and parts, and the camaraderie of owning a Mini. Kelley, I’ll be sure to return that spare seat to you in the very near future!

    All the best,

    Photo: Rich being lured to Mini ownership by a spirited test drive near Carnation, WA

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    It's amazing how many people make these kinds of decisions around this time of year -- many on this very day.


    "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." -- George Harrison


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      Ah, yes, April Fools Day! How I wish it were so, Dan. No joke, though! The deal is done.


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        So sad to see you go ( temporarily, anyway ), but we as a club are glad you've come to see what we're about. Very happy to hear that your Inno won't go far; please be sure to put Rich in touch with us!
        Yeah, nothing like those test drives to get buyers hooked!
        Best to you, Lauren, and the kids!
        All Together Now..... Everybody.......