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Wise Words from Willy Cave

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  • Wise Words from Willy Cave

    Willy Cave was a top navigator for BMC/BL Works rally Minis and has continued to navigate into his 80s, running lots of historics; such as, the Monte. In the December issue of "Mini World" he passes on wise words about what a good navigator must do.
    "I always tell people that there are two stages to rally map reading; stage 1 is to go the correct way at every junction. Stage 2 is to give the driver the severity of bends, junctions and other features so that he or she can build up speed. Stage 3 [of two stages?] is where the driver builds up so much speed that he or she flies off the road due to over confidence and goes through the hedge. This used to happen so much on British road rallies that motor clubs had to build up a special fund to compensate owners of the hedges. The officials who adminstered these funds were known as hedge fund mangers."
    The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.

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    I bet you wish you could claim that one as your own.