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Mini at 2012 Bonneville Speed Week

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  • Mini at 2012 Bonneville Speed Week

    I was checking out what has been happening this week at the 2012 Bonneville Speed Week on Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats. Was sort of surprised when the picture of a '64 Morris Cooper S popped up. the owner/driver is over from New Zeland to run it on the salt. Class record is 130 MPH! Something like that would be a total gas!

    both pictures snipped from:

    Check out the othere cool cars on the website, one of the last true run what you brung form of racing. As long as your vehicle passes the technical inspection you can run it. I've often wondered why no one has tried to run a Mini there, well now they have.
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    I like that it still has the Super Deluxe bumper set up, over riders, and towel racks.
    It's all part of life's rich tapestry.


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      I think James Thompson's Salty Dog ran at Bonneville years ago. The NZ car isn't the first Mini to show up for Speed Week.


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        Mini Mania ran two cars some years ago. James's car was what was left of one of them!
        The NZ team would do a lot better with much smaller wheels and specialty tires.
        There has been an ongoing thread on the topic on Mark Forster's web site:
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          Chuck, I think that the taller tire/wheel combination is what the Hot Rodder's call "Bonneville Gears", most of the cars are push started anyway so they have the highest gear ratio that they can get, the taller tire/wheels make it even higher! There should be plenty of better suited tires in either 12 or 13 in out there than what they are running. The other possibility here is that they guys who run out there say that the salt has about the traction of snow on a good day. So they're running snow tires!

          It may look a little rough by our standards (tires etc.), but look back a few years to another fellow New Zealander Burt Munroe who was running a 1920 something Indian motorcycle in the '60's and 70's. He set some longstanding motorcycle speed records on the salt. The first year he ran they almost laughed him off the salt as his homespun machine was indeed pretty crude by the standards of the day! (World's Fastest Indian is a so so flic but Anthony Hopkins nailed the real Burt Monroe if it wasn't a Hot Rodder type movie he would have won awards for his part.)

          Must have worked because MiniMania reported that they ran a best pass of 156 MPH and a 146 MPH speed record for I/BGCC class.


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            Here is a video they posted of the doing 156mph, it is from inside the car.
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              Interesting Kiwi News story on the record running Mini, they tie in the Burt Munroe angle in as well. The Kiwi's have reason to be proud. It also states that this endevor cost the "Project 64" team over $100,000. Obviously this isn't a "budget" class!!! Any way you look at it it's quite a feat.