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24 hours of Lemons (Silversleeves racing Mini entry)

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  • 24 hours of Lemons (Silversleeves racing Mini entry)

    Adorned with silly walks, and other fitting Monty Pythonesque badges. Team silversleeves rallied to a 4th in class victory. Flag to Flag with circus performers, starfighters, and pizza makers the conglomeration of spare parts Mini once again displayed legendary tenacity.

    Day one in sweltering heat the car ran a perfect leg suffering only minor ignition problems and a roached passenger side wheel bearing. Hopes were almost dashed when a Plymouth Barracuda painted like an Olympia beer can sideswiped our little car leaving a foul taste in our mouths. Using superior driving skills and taking advantage of the Mini's incredible handling the team's youngest and only female drive Kate was able to save the day surviving the onslaught with only cosmetic damage. As tempers flared, track officials waved the two offenders into the penalty box, ordered both drivers to tape a leg together and walk a three legged penalty walk of shame around the paddock until they got better acquainted.

    At the end of day one with effort befitting works rally teams of old, corrections were made into the wee hours of the night.

    Day two on threadbare tires drivers stepped up each lap until at last a motor mount gave way and spun team captain Sean Windrum precariously at the clifftop.

    All in all a tremendous rookie effort for Classic Mini team Silver Sleeves. We will look foreword to more silly walk racing at next years 24 hours of Lemons.

    Until then this is team member Gregory Birch signing off.
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    Link to more photos


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      Hey, I just noticed this post. The Mini looked good out there! Thanks for linking to the photos, too. We were there with #43, the '67 SAAB 96.


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        cool! we should be back next year. I was inspired so much by the team I acquired a shell, and I'm attempting to build my own track Mini.

        Send me you're E-mail and I'll look for some Saab photos.




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          Sounds good, thanks! I may be reached at mharrell[at]

          I'm also hoping to make it to Tuesday's meeting with my new Austin....


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            this is a great thread. get stuff like this on facebook too on the SAMOA page!
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