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  • A Voice from the Past...

    While purchasing the latest edition of "Mini Magazine" a gentleman asked how long I had been a member of SAMOA. I gave him a startled look until I realized I was wearing a club shirt! "Dunno...almost twenty years or so."
    "Hmmm he replied as he drifted back in time...I was a member back in the late '60s or early '70s. My name is Larry Arnold. I'm sure not many of the old guys are still ChucK Heleker..." He bandied about a few other names I know I've heard, but couldn't place. He spoke of auto crossing his 850 Morris that he had purchased from another club member. Great stuff! If it wasn't for the line growing behind us and my impatient family, I could have talked for hours.
    He softly rumbled out of the parking lot on a sano, old Japanese sport bike.
    My Mini is plastic.

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    I remember Larry and his car! Pass on the contact information I'm sure you got from him to Mark so he can update the master SAMOA membership list.
    The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.