Hi, A possible update for the information below; Is the classic mini dot US addy listed under our friends in the paper newsletter info the same group, or is that Mr. Smith from Tacoma? (maybe? )

Please read this and consider whether SAMOA should affiliate itself/ it's members with Classic Minis United, as our sister club, The Oregon Mini Society has already done. I don't think we have swear a blood oath or anything, it would just expand our Classic Mini world! Many of you probably already know about the worlds fastest clown Mike Guido. Well, Read the whole thing, and then I would love to hear discussion about this amongst our membership at a club meeting. Also, please post up here any commentaries you may have.
Best regards,
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Dear North American CMU members,

It's a new year and possibly the last if the Mayans are correct! If that's true, then you don't want to miss the biggest/best Mini event in North America. More on that after I welcome the masses of new members. Along with new members scattered across North America and the world, it's great to see the Oregon Mini Society join as a CMU chapter. The more west coasters we get will lead to the first of many CMU events on their side. Then we can see their beautiful part of the country, and twisty roads! They just don't know what they are missing and how easy a CMU style event is to host. Hopefully other classic Mini clubs will follow the Oregon Mini Society lead!

Now it's event time! Our CMU "Events" page has the listing for all of the major Mini events in North America. But, let's focus on the CMU ultimate 3 day Mini adventure, the Mini 53 - Spring Back to the Smokies! April 18-21 in Cherokee, NC. In a nutshell, 3 days of mountain cruises with nothing but classic Minis as far as the eye can see, a night cruise ice cream run, movie night with a CMU version of Blazing Saddles, a headdress competition, a swap meet, Mini friends from around the world, and whitewater rafting! All of this will be based out of a beautiful riverfront KOA campground (optional hotel nearby). As always, our fees are the cheapest in the land, thanks to the sponsors and the members that contribute items for the silent auction. Please help CMU keep it that way. Let me know if you would like to sponsor/support the event. With over 750 North American members, you're company name will be seen. Of course personal support is welcome as well!!! For more information, follow the sponsor/supporter link on the Mini 53 page, also note those that are already supporting the club and event!

The Mini 53 registration is OPEN and the deadline is coming fast! Go to the CMU website, read about the event, look at the past events, and get your camping/hotel reservations and our registration form in ASAP. If you miss the deadline, you'll miss out on the great T-shirts and event give-a-way! Also, the first 25 to register that are going whitewater rafting will save 25%, thanks to Mini Sport USA. http://www.classicminis.org/mini53.htm Feel free to email or call me with any questions, 321-890-9888.

Another event that CMU is helping with is the first Big AL Snowbird Classic on March 2-4 in Kissimmee, Florida (Next to Orlando). While this is not a CMU event, it will sure look like one. It's for classic Minis only with a nice cruise and a night at Old Town with hundreds of other classic cars. It's FREE to attend. The host hotel has 2 bedroom units for the cost of a regular hotel room, bring friends and save some more money. The deadline for the hotel is just a few weeks out! Go to http://www.classicminis.org/snowbirdclassic.htm for all of the information. If you're coming, PLEASE let me know so we can plan accordingly. This looks to be the biggest classic Mini get together in Florida!

For everybody looking to save some money on their automotive parts... The clubs commercial account at Advance Auto is saving everybody money. I just saved $20 on a battery and NGK plugs were $2.04 each. The more we buy as a club the more we'll save. We're still at the Gold level with the Platinum level in sight. You won't save much on the showroom items (if any), but the behind the counter items for any car you own is where the savings come in. Always use the account because it adds up nationally. At checkout tell them you have a commercial account with Classic Minis United. They won't be able to find it the first time, so give them the account phone number 321-724-8812. To date, I've only heard of one place that couldn't find it. Of course, since I'm on the phone all day, I know just about everybody knows about the savings at Mini Sport USA. It's a website that was created because our club got so big! There's a CMU "members only" page for extra savings. We definitely have power in numbers, take advantage of it and save some money!

Special thanks to Bob Cox for doing the artwork for both of the above events! It's members like that, and all of those helpers for the events that make this club what it is! I hope that as we grow on the west coast that we will have a comparable event out there every year and a half. It doesn't take huge committees, huge budgets, and big entry fees to have a blast with fellow Mini owners. The CMU ingredients are: great location/roads, great cruise masters, great time of year, and great members to do a little work to make it happen! I'm always open for suggestions, let's see a Mini 54 on the west coast!

Let's get this year going.. Figure out your plans for 2012 and get you Mini ready for some fun! Always feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions, we're a very diverse group so everybody has something to offer!

Mini regards,

Mike Guido

Classic Minis United