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  • Newsletter delivery to you!

    It is time to get this show on the road. We've heard from a lot of you already but we would like to hear from all members how they would like to receive their monthly copy of our wonderful SAMOAN newsletter. There will be three possible ways for this to happen:

    1. You can go to the "member only" SAMOANS section of the forum and download the newsletter yourself.

    2. Or if you'd rather, we can email a copy of it to you.

    Either way, it will be in color and you'll get it just as quickly as is possible.

    3. The third option is to continue to receive your copy by U.S. Mail. It will take awhile longer to get to you and it will be in black and white instead of glorious living color but we want you to be happy so if this is what you want, so be it!

    Please take a moment now to email or pm me (just click on the big "minied" over on the left) and let me know your preference and we'll get this working asap.


    1972 Austin 1300GT - Mean Mr. Mustard
    1963 Riley Elf MkII - Baba O