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    Came across a possible addition to the tool library...while looking around a UK forum for diagnostic tools for us "tisk-tisk" injected model owners, It seemed that any mini's before 96 can't be hooked into a OBD2 fault reader and back in the mid 80's the 'Crypton' scope was the fo shizzle for diagnostics [link]

    On a whim I searched craigslist and found a guy selling [this] one for ~$395 asking price in Snohomish. Looks to be in good shape and not all banged up.

    Considering this item is like a 8o's PC, it could probably sell for less and prove useful for a lot of members looking for a professional level non-invasive tool that can be used on pre 1996 cars. (remember garages in the eighties charging about $100 a pop?)

    This thing takes a chunk of floor space and with a 40 page user guide, it isn't for the timid or inexperienced, but a real time saver in the right hands. I'd like to address this at the next meeting. Something like this tried before? Comments?


    Mike Furman
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    Michael Furman
    1995 SPi John Cooper Garage "S" conversion #28

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    The Crypton Scope is pretty old technology and has very little in the way of automation. This would make it hard for the occasional user. I found this on Craigslist for a little more money and it has many more features.

    Specs here:

    I'm not sure either is something the club would use. In the years I've been the tool librarian no one has even requested a timing light or a dwell meter.


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