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New Project: 1974 Leyland Mini

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  • New Project: 1974 Leyland Mini

    So, my 1960 Mini was parted out due to extensive rust. I am hoping I will be able to keep this one around longer.

    The story with this one, I have been shopping for another mini with a limited budget for awhile now. I came across this Mini on the Mini Mania website and noticed that it had been for sale for awhile now, since about June of this year. After sitting on the ad for about a week, I decided to contact the owner. He was asking $5500, but I didn't want to pay that much. I had him send me additional pics of the car, since the ad only had one and I also asked him to send me pictures of all the rust and interior. He also provided me with video of it running. The rust still made me a little warry, so I decided to take a shot in the dark and offer him $3000 for it. He agreed to the price and we finished the deal out. I was also able to get it shipped up here from American Canyon, CA for $509, not a bad price. The main reason why I think he had to sit on it for so long is because its a Clubman, the unloved model of the Mini line up. Most everyone wants the round nose, since its considered the classic design, but I have always an affinity for the odd.

    Last Thursday, I received all of the paper work for the Mini and found a couple of receipts for work done at Mini Part, a British repair shop. The receipt showed that a used 1275 motor had been bought, and a complete rebuild of the short block had been done. I called the shop on Friday, and spoke to the owner, he told me everything that had been done to the motor, including a +20 overbore. He said that they had retained the previous owners transmission from his 998, but that the syncros and bearings were replaced in it. In all it ended up being over $3600 in work.

    Yesterday (12/03/11), it shows up to the house. The drive was unable to get it started and said that he had trouble getting it started at his last stop. He thinks that its out of gas. I decide to start trying to figure out what was wrong with it, and the first thing I found is that the positive battery cable head was completely cracked through... So, I ran to the parts store and got a new head. After that, I spent a couple hours trying to figure out why it would catch and run for 10-20 seconds but then die randomly. I checked all of the connections, found a blown fuse, and I was already getting mad at the stereo system and alarm system that the previous owners installed (both will be getting ripped out). I checked the plugs, and found out that I had flooded them, and put some other one that I had laying around in. I also checked the ignition components, most of which seem to be new. My next step today or tomorrow is to put in fresh gas, as I don't know how long its been sitting. I already pumped out the old gas out of the tank.


    The previous owner told me about the rust in the right front floor pan, that was definitely there. There is also rust in the right sill / door step area. I also found a little bit in the left front floor pan as well. The rest of the car has a little bubbling, but seems to be ok overall.

    Some photos the the previous owner took:

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        Cool, Ryan.. Looks like a good 'project' car, especially at that price. Any idea were it came from originally? UK I assume?

        That's gotta be the most interesting rear seat I've ever seen? Peaked???


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          It's a Australian "clubman."


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            Austrailian Clubman, yes?

            If you can afford the car, you can afford the manual...


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              Doors were the first give-a-way. The master cylinders were next, followed by the coil location.
              And, yes, I've already complained about the center exit exhaust!
              The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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                Yup, Australian Clubman. I just wish I knew more about its early life.


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                  Cool Mini Ryan, Happy for you and Lisa.



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                    Good work, Ryan. You got a car you can work with and you didn't pay an outrageous price. Looks like a bit of rattle-can restoration in the engine compartment, but that's generally easy to clean up. Interesting heater-hose treatment, too.

                    Don't let Mark Hurston see those burst-proof doors.


                    "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." -- George Harrison


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                      Thanks! As far as I can tell, the seats are original to the Mini. At least other 1974 Leyland Mini's from Australia have similar seats. I just don't think that the color pattern goes well with the exterior red paint.


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                        What? Me...... Doors? ( Hee Heee Haww haw )!

                        Way to go, Ryan and Lisa! Another on of my Clubby's kinfolk up here in the PNW. Very cool!

                        Let me know how it goes. And definitely start reading all of Chuck's back issues of Mini Experience for all of the cool back stories on our Australian cars' production histories.

                        Best regards,
                        All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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                          Thanks for the education everyone - had never seen a Clubman with door handles like that before..

                          Those seats have a major 70's vibe goin...


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                            Still trying to hunt down the run issue with it. When I first got it, it would start and then idle for a bit, but if I added any extra pedal it would die.

                            Now, after messing with it. It starts, revs up for 10-15 seconds and then dies. I have the whole top of the carb taken off, along with the float, and I will be taking it over to Chuck's later today to see if we can figure out anything. Another issue, Chuck was saying it could have is a big air leak some where.


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                              oh ya, and this Mini is missing a ferule for the throttle cable as well... so, I get to try to figure that out again.