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Mini Toys available at Puyallup Fair dart game

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  • Mini Toys available at Puyallup Fair dart game

    This just in:
    A Mini Friend from Kansas, visiting here for work, attended the Puyallup. There he played a dart game in the games area of the playground where the successul dart thrower would receive:
    A Mini shaped, fiberglas, internally lighted bookshelf keepsake that is approximately 10" long. Apparently the choices of colors are red, blue and yellow, and the red and blue examples look slightly cartoonish, and the yellow looks slightly more true to form.

    I'm bummed cuz I was there and missed this great opportunity to spend 20 bucks trying to win a 10 buck toy! No, but seriously, any of you south enders able to go and win one? Especially, any dart throwers in the area want to go win ME one? I'll reimburse you up to a reasonable amount if you do!

    The Puyallup goes through this sunday the 25th, so some of us should go and try to get them!

    Hope you get one, and,
    Best regards,
    All Together Now..... Everybody.......