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Mini's Finally Getting a Break on Ferrys!

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  • Mini's Finally Getting a Break on Ferrys!

    Got an email at work yesterday that says the state Transportation Commission has voted to give vehicles under 14 feet a price break. Well that would be us right 10' is less than 14'. Proposed to phase I'm over 3 years going down 10 percent per year (90 to 70). Looks like more terrorizing the locals on a certain Rock is going to be in order!

    From what I hear from one of the guys I work with SAMOA is tame. He says the crotch rocket guys Take multiple laps at or above the posted speed limit. Good to know we haven't worn out our welcome, we need to keep it that way.
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    SWEET! maybe the trend will continue to the bridge toll.....ya right
    "remember, in this country, they drive on the wrong side of the road"
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