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Motorsports Coming Parks to the Penninsula

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  • Motorsports Coming Parks to the Penninsula

    We have been following the rumors circulating recently regarding a proposed Motorsports Park in Kitsap County sounds like across the current "Bremerton Raceway", Bremerton Airport and SR 3. Todays Kitsap Sun (linked) had a story on the two. Sounds like the Shelton track is going in, the backers of the Bremerton track say they will try to go as well.

    I think that the Bremerton MSP is going to be located in the same vicinity as proposed for the NASCAR track which failed to go. One can only hope that the whiners who found fault with a racing facility before can see that something like this would add needed dollars into their local economy.

    Sounds like both are planning on road-courses which might mean additional venues for vintage racing! Racing period!!!

    Link to the Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton -

    Both are close to Hood Canal vicinity and facilities suggested there if Samoa were to host a Mini Meet sometime in the future.