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    On the way to Vashon Island yesterday, I stopped by Griot's Garage to briefly check out the Caffeine and Gasoline get-together. The weather was great and the turnout was predictably heavy. Lots of muscle cars, a few very nice hot rods, Mercs, ***s, Porsches, a new Ford GT and a bug-eye Sprite. What I thought was the most interesting car was almost lost amid the Mustangs and Corvettes.

    It's a late-50s/early 60s Panhard PL17.

    Classic French eluglyance. All chrome eyebrows and wraparound bumpers. And surprisingly complete.

    Two-cylinder and air-cooled, and my quickie Google search said it had torsion bars instead of coil springs closing the valves.

    Unfortunately, I was in kind of a hurry and the owner wasn't around either of the times I stopped to gawk. I would have loved to talk about it.

    There's hope yet for Caffeine and Gasoline.

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    I can't decide whether or not I like one of the oddest cars I ever seen on this site! Good pix Dan.
    It's all part of life's rich tapestry.


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      How would that go; Poleyvoooofrancia? I love the newly created word there, and must wholeheartedly agree with your combination of two such descriptive words, sir!
      This coming from a driver of a retina burning yellow clubman nosed van!
      Best regards,

      Oh, there you are inspector Clouseau!
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        Thanks for posting those shots Dan. Talk about juxtaposition.. parked between a mid 70's Nova and a Cobra..

        I've never personally seen a Panhard in the flesh before and think how I'd describe it would be 'quirky-cool'.. with a big emphasis on the former. It makes a Mini look like a ToyHonNisSubishi in comparison.
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          Paint it green and you'd have "Big Mouth Billy Bass" on wheels! Kinda looks like the offspring of a Citron and a Volvo. The color doesn't do it justice! Almost looks like an air cooled VW could swap right in there... Then again what would you have faster ugly, oh yeah fugly that's it!!


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            The Panhard is front-engined, right? I think that's the same engine that powers Don Racine's vintage sports racer.

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              Yep, front engine FWD.