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SAMOA 911 not required

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  • SAMOA 911 not required

    Paul finally put the gloves on and jumped in the ring with Lil Bit.

    Paul 1, Mini 0.
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    Looks like fun. Time to scrub the engine bay.


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      Nice! Hopefully it will be up and running soon.


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        Excellent! Way to go, you two! Let us know if you still have a "motor party"
        Also, having just done this last weekend on a Mini, consider replacing all of the "while your at its" with that lump out of there! I'm sure Chuck could rattle off a list off the top of his head, but I'll start the list with:
        engine to subframe mounts replaced
        putting a second on the hyper cleaning of the engine bay and subbie
        possibly the subframe to car mounts
        possibly boots on cv joints and rack if needed. ( at least regrease inners )
        or does the auto still have the flat hardy spicer flanges this late?
        nev r seize on every thing that goes back together

        Best of luck on it, and please do keep us posted!

        Best regards,
        All Together Now..... Everybody.......