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    Hey just wanted to stop by and say Hi. And introduce myself and my girl "BB". Shes a 65' super deluxe with the original 850cc engine and trans with 46k on the clock. I picked her up 3 weeks after arriving in England. Im currently stationed at RAF Mildenhall with at least a year to go. Till i come home which is well was Washington. Anyways to the part you all care about the pics of my girl.

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    A few more pics.

    Mini Rydes the club in currently.

    I know double post...


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      Nice Car Gomer!
      Welcome! Good classic example of a super deluxe. Hope you enjoy England and that your importation is easy. Perhaps bringing it home to the U.S. will be easier due to your uncle helping you transport it?

      Best regards,
      All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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        Now THAT'S a sweet car! I'm just happy my '63 850 didn't catch me looking at the photos. Don


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          Very Nice!

          Great car! Looks original, as in unrestored. Is that Tweed Grey?

          And, are you in the RAF?


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            What a beautiful car. I sure do love the classic Mini in those colors.


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              That's one sweet little Mini. Love the color combination.
              I keep telling my Navy boy son that he needs to get himself stationed in the UK. He's finally taking an interest in Minis so there is hope!!
              The other thing I tell him is that the Navy is just the water taxi for the Marines, and that squids are just a lower form of Marine life....


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                Sure puts the others in that line up to shame!
                The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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                  Thanks for the comments guys, one of these days you may see her in person. As for for the colour im not sure, its not original paint but something close to it the interior was never resprayed though. As for being the in the RAF, that im not im in the the US Air Force.

                  A question for you guys, are there many place to get mini parts in the states? Im planing on stocking up on my parts while here like the "heritage" body panels and misc parts for when she gets taken apart and rebuilt.



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                    Gome.. I mean Andy,
                    With the advent of the internet EVERY part for the Mini is available. One click shopping with the big suppliers to a phone call to the smaller ones. It will just cost more for the rare stuff. (Hint: Bring home lots of MK1 metal sliding window latches and MK1 wiper wheelboxes.) The local SAMOA crowd can help with used stuff. It's just hard sometimes to get them to admit they have the part you need.
                    I wish you were here so that I could tell you in person you what to do with YOUR car..... Nothing!
                    Thanks for your service, Don


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                      . . . droooool. . . .
                      Bother free is the way to be- Winnie the Pooh


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                        Originally posted by Gomer_pyle View Post
                        A question for you guys, are there many place to get mini parts in the states? Im planing on stocking up on my parts while here like the "heritage" body panels and misc parts for when she gets taken apart and rebuilt.

                        Anything that is available in the UK can be had in the US as well. If you can't find it at one of the US based suppliers then you can always order from a UK supplier. Shipping & duty can smart but a price comparison is always recommended.

                        Since you are currently in the UK I would highly recommend that you stock up there & let our govt ship the stuff home for you when you PCS to the states. Also, 2nd hand parts are much less costly in the UK compared to US prices. Hit the Mini shows & auto jumbles. I've found some very good stuff in for sale in the club stands, not just in the auto jumble sections.

                        Also, seek out your local Mini club in the UK. Those blokes, just like our SAMOA friends, are a fountain of information, contacts & "cheap" parts. I spend a good amount of time in the SW of England (Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire border area) & am a member of the 3 Counties Mini Club. I attend meetings (at the pub!) when I can so I would recommend that you do something similar.

                        I have bought 2 Minis in the UK over the past few years & had both shipped to Tacoma (The nearest Roll-on/Roll-off port). I used Phoenix Cargo & would recommend them if Uncle Sam does not ship your car for you. They are Mini specialists & are a pleasure to work with. Shippings costs have been rising steadily with the tanking of the $ & rising oil prices but it can still make good economic sense to buy there if you have your wits about you.

                        Looks like you scored a gem of a classic. I hope that it gives you lots of pleasure on the B roads!

                        Mark Gnagy