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    he's still alive, and if all goes well, i might actually see my motor this summer.
    Bother free is the way to be- Winnie the Pooh

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    Allright Mr.B,
    It's time to spill the beans! What's up with this motor? You gonna need to paint flames on the woody? Disk brakes next? Please, please tell me it's not a V-Tec......Or a V-8.
    A big Valentine howdy to Dave Junior, I really enjoyed watching you chase after him at the White Elephant sale.


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      for those that don't know the big history of craig mcguire:

      craig is one our friendly visitors from the north (you need a passport to visit him now) who is a mini fan. he was such a fan, that he started a little shop out of his basement to work on them and sell folks parts and such (might as well make a couple bucks with this hobby of ours if you can, right?). i bought my first ever mini motor from him to go in a beat up sedan that has since been the rounds of the state, and i have no idea where it ended up. (see clint crain for more info on the car, and a WHOLE OTHER set of interesting mini history around here) it was a 1275 A+ lump. i sat on it for a long time. long enough for craig to move twice: once to a house with not enough garage or room for mini stuff and then again to a ranch with more than enough room, but an equal number of head aches in it's own right (like a roughly 2 hour commute each way for work). he had a nice shop out in the garage, and did a lot of work for a lot of folks in our club and supplied most of the minis in the northwest with parts at some point or other. the mini business took off, but he eventually decided for a lot of reasons to get out of the mini parts and repair business and sell the ranch and move one more time. during this i had taken my lump up to him to have it built to a peppy 1293, but as luck would have it, he moved before finishing it. in his new place, he has finally built his garage and gotten to the point where he can unwrap and finish some of the projects he took with him and my motor will hopefully finally be done. total time invested? roughly 2 1/2 years. go figure.
      Bother free is the way to be- Winnie the Pooh