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    As a new member, I was thankful to get some advise from several of our members. So, I thought I'd fill you in on my mini tales. Just before the XXX Root Beer get together I found and bought a great little Tahiti Blue MPi with an automatic. I was having a blast with the wee car until about a month or so ago and with 55K kilometer on the car, it stopped backing up. Talked to a lot of people, got a lot of advise and learned a ton about them. I took the front cover off the transmission and found the reverse band had about 1/2 to 3/4 inch of play (should be .035"). Fairly certain the lining on the reverse band fell off the band. From a contact I made on MiniManias forum from the UK, I found a transmission, recently rebuilt, in Florida. It should arrive tomorrow on St. Patricks Day. Not new to working on cars and could drop the engine out of VW bug or a Porsche in an hour or two. I even put a Chevy V8 in a Toyota Land Cruiser, but this is the first time I've pulled the lump on mini. Should be a learning experience.

    I also have a line on two very nice minis in Florida, so anyone have a good idea on getting both of them out here to the Pacific Northwest? Anyone want to do a road trip from FL to WA? I'll be in FL the end of the month for Sun N Fun the big airshow, so I'll probably go back a week or two after that to drive back one or both. I have one buddy that wants to go, but he's still getting approval from his lady.

    Anyway, thanks Chuck, Aaron, and Ed for your advise and help. Mike