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1966 Morris Cooper S update 1/18/11

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  • 1966 Morris Cooper S update 1/18/11

    Finally - some paint on the exterior. The finish is excellent, but there are a couple of runs in the clear below the right headlight and on the front panel. We're going to try to sand and buff, but might spray one more coat of clear on the whole car.

    I must say, the body work Gunnar did is awesome! I'm not seeing any problems with the metal work or final prep that we missed. The spot welds show through nicely on original and new panels. It's nice to paint a very unforgiving color and see that the body work is spot on.

    Now for the pictures (cell phone pics).

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        Geez, Mark. Your paint looks like glass. Beautiful.


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          Wow, that's really something.. It has that 'just dipped' look..


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            That is totally sweet! I can hardly wait to see it reflecting it's surrounding in full sun! Way to go, Gunnar! ( And Mark M )!

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              As always you turn out a nice product. you should really consider doing this for real!



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                Thanks Tim. I don't know how much more real It can get for me, it's my business, this is what I do... Im able to support my family, be close to home and do good work for people that I share a common passion with. I appreciate every job I get very much and want people to get quality for their hard earned dollar. See you at the white elephant..G


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                  Jeese! I can't wait to see mine someday!! Please see if you can make it to the White Elephant so we can chat. Otherwise it looks like it'll be after Feb. 18/19 before I can make it up there. Also, do I need to contact House of Colors for chips, or can you? I know that it's Lotus Elise Orange that I want for the pick up, but not sure if there's a paint code for that anywhere. Do you know? Nice job on the sedan. Don't forget, that I'll have scabby patch work for the chicken truck that I'll have you do. I'll start saving and keep sending as I can. Hope to see you at the WE
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                    Jeez Gunnar must of thrown a bucket of sand on it and used acetone to thin it down another brush and roll job i guess. Just kidding. i bet it's an average job by gunnars standards. never seen anybody so critical of their own work.
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                      I just wish I had a Mini that needed paint!



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                        "Old Paint" is good paint!
                        It's all part of life's rich tapestry.


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                          Originally posted by 631100 View Post
                          i bet it's an average job by gunnars standards. never seen anybody so critical of their own work.
                          I'll let Gunnar speak to how this compares to his previous work. I know that I'm happy.

                          Gunnar and I are both extremely picky, so getting us together on a project is really dangerous, expensive, and sometimes frustrating (hehe). Plus, we each care about different things. For instance, I didn't care about a color matching undercoating, but I gave in... I figured flat black would be easier to touch up.

                          I wanted everything visible to be at the same quality throughout. I was sure Gunnar was going to run me off his property a few times.