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2011 Officer Election

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  • 2011 Officer Election

    The January meeting (the 29th) will be the first in a while with what should turn out to be a real election! There's likely to be a new sheriff in town (and vice sheriff and treasurer deputy)! A reminder, paid up members can nominate paid up members for offices at the meeting, and paid up members are eligible to vote. Make sure your dues are paid up. You can take care of that at the meeting.

    If you can't make the meeting and wish to make a nomination, contact another member and have that person make the nomination for you.

    More information for members can be found here in the Members' section.
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    Please refresh my memory. Who has been nominated so far? I'd like some time to decide who I'm voting for. Or should this be in the members only section?


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      Nominations through the December meeting:

      Kelley Mascher
      Mark Hurston

      Vice President
      Barbara Praefke
      Jaime Mesaros

      Dan Berglund

      Chuck Heleker

      There are more that have been suggested and maybe one or two that may drop out, but the above should be the official list. All that will be part of the January meeting.
      The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.