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  • Kent Mini Sighting

    My eagle-eyed son spotted a Mini leaving the parking lot of the Carpinado(?) Bros. Pumpkin farm in Kent this afternoon. A gray car with a black roof, looking good from depths of the parking lot!
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    My Mini is plastic.

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    Grey with black roof might be Old # 7?

    My quick guess is Bryan ( Old # 7 ), a member who lives up in the mill creek area. ( That's cool, he was driving his mini. So many of us don't go for the long drives much anymore!) So, now, I must say, "Don't leave your Mini at home!

    Maybe he'll chime in.

    Best regards,

    Or, more likely, it's this!

    I would really like to see this baby's dyno numbers!
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    All Together Now..... Everybody.......