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New addition to the Woods fleet!!

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  • New addition to the Woods fleet!!

    Today I made an offer on a 2003 Mini Cooper S and they accepted. We said goodbye to my faithful girl Cedes, she sure was a looker and trophy winner, a few weeks back in order to make room for whatever came next.

    Paul figured a ZO6 Vette would cost too much to buy, so he asked me if I wanted a Bini... umm DUH! So here it is, nothing out of the normal... yet.

    As for Lil' Bit, we are trying to get her back on the road. Not sure when that will happen, but now I don't feel so left out. Can't really park a Trail Blazer SS in the same spot as the Mini's, he won't fit!!
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    Congrats on the Bini


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      Thanks Ryan!!


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        Priscilla, all I can say is your talking to a tough crowd! Patti and I are very happy for you and your new "Bini" and if you feel the need to exercise her, there is a great "Eastside" run happening this weekend and from the looks it might be an all "Bini" function. Hope you guys can make it.



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          How come we never got to see Cedes?
          How come we'll never get to see the ZO6??
          What "chip" you runnin' in the Bini???
          Thanks for sticking with Lil'Bit.



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            Hey Priscilla / Paul!
            Congrats on the new car! Enjoy! Phone or email me if I can help with the automatic trans data for lil bit.

            Best regards,
            All Together Now..... Everybody.......


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              Tim, tough is an understatement about this crowd! Sorry to miss the run yesterday, hope to make the next one though.

              Don, photo of Cedes of attached. Future addition will be a ZO6, but we didn’t need two vehicles running Vette engines, our fuel consumption would’ve been off the charts. Chip, no chip and Paul doesn’t need to know about any CHIPs!!! Lil’ Bit will never be forgotten, I would really like to have her on the road for the Food Drive.

              Mark thanks for the offer on the transmission, we’ll definitely reach out if we need you. I’m patiently waiting for information.