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Cops are wise to us!!

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  • Cops are wise to us!!

    This morning Robin and I were at one of the local car shows here in Port Orchard. I notice a young Kitsap County Sheriff's Deputy looking really closely at the Mini. I mean really looking like he knew what he was looking for.

    The first thing he says is "What year is it really, it's got fuel injection and everything". (I nearly had to run to one of the little blue houses to clean out my shorts.) So I told him the stock answer, it's a '73 body with an injected motor... Oh yeah I see... he says with a poker face.

    Next thing he says in sort of a serious tone is do you know a Jerry Miller? Well yeah we know Jerry from SAMOA, (should have asked if he was wanted for something). The young Deputy slyly replies, "that's my Dad!".

    Funny all I could think was, gee Jerry you could have warned us!! Same dead pan delivery, the chips didn't fall too far from that tree!! It was good for a wake up and a grin this morning.

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    SEE? There they go again! Using the uniform to scare the heck out of some poor illegal immigrant.


    Come to think of it, public service does seem to run in that family. Jerry's a Vet, Bette's a director/nurse at a neighborhood clinic, jr is a deputy....Thanks!


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      Ask Jerry about the night the flashing blue lights came on behind him while he was driving his Mini.....

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