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1961 Austin Mini Cooper Race Car on Craigslist

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  • 1961 Austin Mini Cooper Race Car on Craigslist

    Does anyone know about this mini on Craigslist?

    He has the vin # AA2S7L46765. As far as I can gather its not a cooper, per the Vin decode topic that I found on Mini Mania. The son knows some basic info, just was curious if anyone knew anything more about it.



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    Found out more info about it, will be checking it out on Sunday.


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      So Ryan, did you visit the car in person?


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        Yes, started it and drove it around the small neighborhood. It was running pretty rough and idling really high. My wife was going to take it for a quick spin, but it ended up dieing and did not want to come back to life. The starter also kept binding, the only thing that broke it loose was trying to push start it, but it ending up binding right after again. There is really no documentation on the motor, so I didn't want to risk it for the price he wanted, though I did offer less. It is a shame though, cause the shell was pretty nice and it didn't look like it had ever been in an accident. It did need a lot of work in terms of making it drivable on the street again though.