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Importing from Canada to US.

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  • Importing from Canada to US.

    I did a quick search on here, but I couldn't find any threads. Has anyone imported a Mini from Canada to here? What sort of hoops did you have to jump through? Interested in a couple mini's on the vancouver mini club website.



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    It's been a number of years since I brought in my last Mini from Canada, but I don't think the laws have changed. The usual issue is not the laws, but the way any one individual enforces them.

    I suggest you start by digging up the U.S.Customs' web site and reviewing requirements.

    Make sure you have a bill of sale.

    Make sure whatever paperwork you have has car numbers on it that match the numbers actually on the car.

    Be prepared to pay duties. They used to be a generic 2.5% of the stated value of the car, but I haven't checked lately. The last time I brought a car in Customs had started accepting credit cards for duty payment. The only thing they gave me to prove duty had been paid was the credit card receipt. Registering the car in Washington ended up being a nightmare. The licensing agencies didn't have anything telling them what I had was OK. They blew the dust off of ancient books and told me since the information wasn't in their books I couldn't use what I had. You should have seen the looks I got when I suggested that they should contact Customs to get an update!

    Make sure you get copies of any paperwork they take from you and don't lose anything they give you.

    Check with club member Gunnar Gordon. His information would be newer than mine.
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      Thank you for all the info!