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  • Transfer case?

    I was just doing my normal craigslist check of what Classic Mini's are available. There is one with a blown transfer case? Does that mean that the transmission needs a rebuild, or that the differential is done? In either case, can reliable used transmissions for a 1275 be sourced easily or is the only option to get one rebuilt?

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    oops sorry, should of put this in the technical section.


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      A "blown transfer case" means to me that the idler gear has knocked out the bearings. When that happens, it can take out the "transfer case", the gearbox case, and scatter bits and pieces throughout the gearbox and engine.
      Turn off your computer and back slowly away!
      (You'd want to be able to examine the damages to see what really happened.)
      The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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        Thanks! That makes sense.


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          Turn your computer back on and take another look. Assume that the motor and tranny are toast and see what the rest of the car has to offer. Can you negotiate with the seller? Rust? Year/Mk to your liking? Can you put up with less than ideal for a while till your budget catches up?
          Round up a used 998 with transmission (see James Thompson) have fun driving the car till you can restore or replace the 1275.



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            That is a very good point, I have been able to up my project budget so it lead me to start thinking. They currently have the Mini listed for $7000, but if indeed the motor and transmission are shot, I doubt it is worth that much. From what I know, its owned by Jess and Lisa Good, and she said that they were originally going to have Chuck fix it for them. I am hoping he can shed more light on it. It is a late model mid 90's Mini, and she said that the body and interior are in very good shape, though the sunroof needs some work. She didn't know if it was a carb model or a spi model, and didn't know the mileage. She wanted me to call Jess, but my phone is acting up right now, so I am unable to do so.