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  • Interested in ethanol?

    Hagerty insurance people were all over the Vancouver ABFM yesterday. Their involvement included a copy of Hagerty’s magazine in the goodie bag. I was reading through the mag (Fall 2009) this morning and was impressed with the content. One article was particularly interesting for us Mini owners, I think.

    “Safe at the Pump” is a two-part look at the effect of ethanol-blended gas on collector cars. Part 1 appeared in the Spring 2009 issue. Basically, the series reports on a Hagerty-funded study by researchers at Kettering University that attempted to recreate real-world use of E0 and E10 (which we’re all probably encountering at some point) on six vintage carburetor types. The SU carb, from a ’62 MG, was the first one reported on.

    See the encouraging results of the tests at the following links.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 2 is on Page 34. It’s a 7-megabyte file, so be patient.

    Do any of you Hagerty-insured SAMOAns get the magazine? Like I said, I think there’s some good collector-car info in it.


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