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  • Wheel hubs....

    So I'm ripping, I mean carefully dissecting the front end of the 62' Countryman and have run into the Hubs. It looks (and seems via Mini Spares) like the old drum front hubs CAN'T be used for a Disc conversion. Thus mandating the purchase of 2 new front hubs to make it a disc brake front end. Is there a way around this or does any one have a couple of hubs laying about ready for a trade or to sell. I will need many new, or reconditioned parts for the rebuild, and would greatly appreciate any deals on original (or close to it) fitment pieces. Thanks, Carl / 72Norty.SANY0952.JPG
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    New hubs needed. The same ones can be used for 7.5 or 8.4 discs. The axles can be reused, unless they are very early, but you'll need new CV joints.
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      psssst,Carl,....twin leading shoe brakes and a 998....more mild mannered, but it is a "Countryman" after all.