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1966 Morris Cooper S update 3/23/10

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  • 1966 Morris Cooper S update 3/23/10

    Rather than add pictures this time around, I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and recap the work Gunnar has done to the car.

    This is from memory, not chronological, and I've likely forgotten a more than few things.

    Right side damage was a challenge, wasted a lot of time with repro parts that weren't right.

    New right door skin, plus modifications for Aussie roll-up windows and door handle, repaired right pocket.

    Left door dent repair, sourced used pocket from Australia for left door and repaired.

    Door hinges repaired (almost) - original, not aluminum

    Doors fitted with rubber for water tight seal and good fit

    Door steps repaired (custom fabricated since repros were worthless)

    Door section near hinge on right side shell was smashed in - repaired

    Front end accident damage repaired - firewall and floor buckled

    Old seam sealer removed - entire car blasted

    Floor panel sections replaced - original stampings retained

    Floor had a big wave - straightened

    Floor straightened - not perfect, but the worst dents hammered out

    Inner and outer A panels

    Inner and outer sills - outer sill modified for the single vent as original - lots of time in this effort (2 sets of sills, maybe 3)

    Jack points and factory lift points repaired

    Rear valance replaced

    Drip rails repaired

    Roof gutter sections replaced and straightened

    Rear parcel shelf repaired (speaker hole and extra holes, plus rust)

    Boot floor section replaced into a portion of the rear seat 40 hours in this repair alone

    Bonnet replaced after fighting with the one the came on the car

    Boot lid - nearly 40 rust holes repaired - boot lid fitted with rubber, some straightening to get water tight seal

    Bump stops repaired, thicker metal added in rear bump stop area

    Hand brake bracket and tunnel repaired

    Shifter hole was trashed from accident - repaired

    Inner wing panels straightened

    Fan shroud repaired - (had to retain the important number stamped on the top)

    Dash repaired - dent on right side (probably from someone's knee)

    Rear seams repaired in a few places - just a little rust, not bad

    Front subframe repaired and straightened

    Rear subframe rusty - sourced new old stock rear subframe

    Right rear quarter panel had an oil can effect so we had to shrink the metal

    Right tank support replaced and fitted

    New front nose panel took a lot of modifications - fit was tough to get right

    Lots of little stress cracks in the metal here and there repaired front to back

    Seat belt brackets added to rear

    Fabrication of front license plate brackets

    Front wings replaced and were a bear to fit

    Straps added for Aussie Cooper S flares, then removed, holes in arches welded up. Might go for the original look without flares. Oh well...just time and money right?

    Additional notes:

    Weld through primer was added to pieces along to way to prevent rust.

    Original spot welds retained where possible, spot weld dimples added back where original.

    Bumpers, grill, grill surround, whiskers, and shift boot retainer are on the way so the final metal work can be finished - extral holes welded up, etc.



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    I see that you have a nice start on it. One of these days you'll need to get serious and really get to work!

    How about gathering all the photographs and working with Tim to set up a section on the club's flickr site to host them? Contact Tim at qwickmini at gmail dot com
    The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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      I've got a list about as deep to add to that (little stuff that becomes lots of stuff), it's been fun Mark!!! Good idea, Tim can help you set up a build log on the Club's Flicker site.... Talk to you soon.. G


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        I wonder if I can transfer my Photobucket album directly into Flickr. Not sure why I went with Photobucket since their servers seem much slower than Flickr. I have 672 photos ready to go.


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          Contact Tim!
          The more I know about Minis, the more I know I don't know about Minis.


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            I sent Tim an email...

            I tried a couple of paint formulas yesterday. One was way off, the darker color not dark enough.

            I can't find a cross reference from the original Berger color.

            This process gets expensive. Want to see what $200 in test paint looks like?


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              oh jeese! anybody on the aussie site able to help?
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                Yes - the Aussies have come through. A paint shop owner about to retire actually remembers the color. After a week or so of digging he found it. Good news is that I have the paint formula for New Cedar Green (black with a touch of green). Trouble is, I'm going to have to contact PPG to translate the tinters.